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Andrew Pontzen

Andrew PontzenI am currently a lecturer and Royal Society University Research Fellow at University College London. Previously I've held fellowships at Oxford Astrophysics (Balliol College/Oxford Martin School) and at the Kavli Institute for Cosmology in Cambridge as an Emmanuel College research fellow.

My research, which won the 2016 RAS Fowler Award, covers a range of topics in galaxy formation and computational cosmology, also touching on some early-Universe physics. I also do a whole load of outreach and media work. Here's my CV.

Where now?

Depending on why you're here you might be interested in reading about my outreach work; or a short, gentle overview of my astrophysical, computational or early-Universe work; or a more technical description of some of my papers. There's even some music in case you like that sort of thing.

Here's me explaining some of what I do